Market and technology Various.
Key responsibilities: Coaching, business development, business planning, valorization and- feasibility studies.

Innotek was a local organization supporting small businesses with business development. Its operation was terminated in 2019. One of the programs they were running was spin-off and valorization of non-core activities within SME’s. In this context Erik was working as a spin-of coach assisting entrepreneurs setting up new ventures.


Market and technology Research, environmental technology.
Key responsibilities: Business development, Due Dillegence, market potential, feasibility studies.

On a regular basis BudetecI was contracted by Vito,, to assist research group with valorization and potential spin-offs or licensing agreements for developed technologies.

Millabs, UMC, Univertity Medecal Center.

Market and technology Pre-clinical and medical imaging, CT, PET and SPECT imaging.
Key responsibilities: Star-up coaching, business development.

At the University Hospital in Utrecht the group around Prof. Freek Beekman developed innovative methods for clinical and pre-clinical nuclear imaging. They developed a novel SPET/PET imaging system. Erik was involved during the initial stages of valorization in a spin-off company. His responsibilities were:
  – Input at and assistance for the business plan.
  – Assistance in the negotiation with the University administration.
  – Assistance with the business development of the new spin-off.
The company Milabs, , is now a successful player in the pre-clinical imaging system’s market. Erik still maintain contacts with Freek Beekman, the CEO of Milabs.