Peira, Exmore life sciences

Market and technology: Pre-Clinical imaging/research tools.
Key responsibilities: Worldwide business development, product strategy.

Peira,, the life sciences division of the Exmore Group,, developed an innovative tool to measure tumor volumes of xenografts in mice, the TM900, . Researchers commonly measure width and length using a caliper and calculate the volume by a standard formula. The TM900, using stereo imaging and surface reconstruction, makes a direct 3D volume measurement. Budetec has an exclusive agreement for worldwide business development and sales for the instrument. It currently is the main activity for Budetec.

Advionics ( ex. EADS, Airbus) Oostkamp

Market and technology: Aerospace en defense, production of HF / RF radio, radar en satellite communication equipment.
Key responsibilities: Business Development, sales and commercial strategy.

Advionics, , in Oostkamp was a subsidiary, production plant, of Cassidian, a division of Airbus/EADS. Until 2013 the plant only produced for Cassidian and had a passive business development model. Orders came from, or projects were delegated by, its headquarters in Germany. Turnover was generated only by internal productions for Cassidian and/or Airbus / EADS. Changes in the defense market and reduction in military spending generated a need for new business and customers. Hence the plant in Oostkamp opened its know-how and infrastructure for third parties. This required a new and more active business development and sales strategy, my role is its planning, initiation and roll-out. I am involved at director level.


Market and technology: Test and measurement systems for materials science in Nano technology, main customers, research and development in industry and academic, in sectors such as semiconductor, medical et… .
Key responsibilities: Business development, sales and management.

Nanovea,, started its activities in 2006. They were a new player in the market of Nano- and micro hardness and scratch testing with applications in material investigation for various industries such as semiconductor, medical appliances, automotive, etc… . Erik initiated the European business development and sales activities. Main responsibilities and results were:
      – Introduction of the Nanovea products on the European market. (Nanovea has strong European competition from long established German and Swiss manufacturers)
      – Direct customer contacts and sales in Benelux, Scandinavia and Germany.
      – Establish partnerships with distributers in East and South Europe.

UZ-VUB University Hospital, Brussels.

Market and technology: Hospital management, health care, software platform.
Key responsibilities: Business development, sales.

The information technology department from the Hospital has developed a flexible and powerful software platform and environment supporting the admiration of the hospital and health care processes. There was a big interest from other hospitals to implement it in their organizations. My assignment was the investigation of a potential spin-off and valorization, commercialization towards third parties. I was involved in the commercial discussions. The result was a first contract in the order of magnitude, 3.000.000 Euros. www.UZ VUB tech